Top Views on Martha’s Vineyard

Must see spots on the Vineyard!

Edgartown Oak Bluffs Road, State Beach Sunset

After working two summers on the Vineyard, I’ve tried to hit as many sites as possible on my days off. The island is much bigger than most people think, and frankly, much more beautiful as well. Although the vineyard can be quite expensive, there is plenty to see for free or for a little bit of gas money.

Getting to the Vineyard

Getting to the Vineyard will be your first step to see these amazing spots. I’ve provided some ferry links and a link to the airport below.

MV Airport

Top Spots

South Beach

We’re going to get South Beach out there right off the bat. South Beach is a really nice and very popular beach in Katama, great for families and long walks. A lot of people prefer South Beach over State Beach, another popular and close beach to downtown Edgartown, and pictured above. The sand at South Beach is softer and the waves are bigger. You’ll also definitely see a seal or two.

South Beach; Katama, Edgartown, MA

Lambert’s Cove

Lambert’s Cove is a relatively hidden beach in Tisbury/West Tisbury. Although the beach requires a parking pass, you can still get on without one for the sunset after 6 pm.

Long Point Wildlife Refuge

Long Point Wildlife Refuge is another hidden gem of the island. If you’re not careful, you might miss the turn on Edgartown/West Tisbury Road. Once you find the opening, put your car on off-roading mode because you will have to drive on an unpaved path for over a mile. Then be prepared to walk the trails to the beach.


So… Aquinnah is my favorite spot on the island. Might be one of the most beautiful spots in Massachusetts. The cliffs are always the best view, the path to the beach is leisurely and the sunsets are unmatched. Every chance I get to see a sunset here, I go. Be prepared to pay at least $30 for parking for the beach during the day. Parking up by the light house is usually only for an hour for free. The top of the cliffs have the lighthouse, the cliff viewing area, and the Aquinnah Shop Restaurant. Aquinnah is definitely my top recommendation.

Lucy Vincent Beach

I recently visited Lucy Vincent Beach for the first time and honestly, I’m upset I had not gone sooner. Some coworkers would always talk about Lucy Vincent and how it’s their favorite beach; I now see why. The beach is located in Chilmark so I suggest picking up a quick snack from the Chilmark General Store and heading over to Lucy Vincent for a relaxing day.

Edgartown Harbor Light Near Harbor View Hotel

Edgartown is so quaint and peaceful. The sunsets are unreal here and the best view in town, by far, is from the Harbor View Hotel porch. Stop by for a beautiful view of the harbor.

Menemsha/Menemsha Pond

I recommend going to Menemsha for sunset on a non-weekend day. Parking is limited and you’ll want to get a seat for when the sun starts to go down.

Every inch of the Vineyard is beautiful but these spots really hit it out of the park. For those looking to spend their time outside and not looking to spend a lot of $, I highly recommend these views.


Ari ❤


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