Weekend Activities for Any UMass Student

Or anyone in the Pioneer Valley!

There is a lot to do in Western, MA for college kids, other than the usual day drinking and bar scene. Most of these activities are super cheap or free!

Mt. Sugarloaf

Even if you aren’t the biggest hiker, Mt. Sugarloaf is a super easy hike that’s close to UMass. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the top and the view is great. This is the perfect hike if you’re looking to fill an hour or two of your day. Mt. Sugarloaf is located in South Deerfield, only 10 minutes from campus.

Mt. Holyoke

Mt Holyoke is about a 20-30 minute drive from campus. This hike has a paved road to the top but is typically closed off to cars. The hike probably takes 30 minutes to the top. Once you’ve reached the top there is a viewing deck and plenty of picnic tables to stop and eat.

The Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail is located in Florida, MA, about an hour North West of Campus. The drive there is beautiful. Once you get to the trail/camping ground, you’ll have to park and walk a little bit to see the views. This is the perfect day trip or even an overnight camping trip.

Hairpin Turn

If you’re already out by the Mohawk Trail, drive a little further to the Hairpin Turn. There is a little restaurant right as you pull off called, the Golden Eagle Restaurant. The view is unreal and I’m sure even more beautiful in the fall.

The Peace Pagoda

The Peace Pagoda, also known as The New England Peace Pagoda, is located in Leverett, MA. The drive is about 20 minutes from campus. Bring a book or just go to walk around and admire the pagoda.

The Bridge of Flowers

The Bridge of Flowers is located in Shelburne Falls, MA. The bridge is a pedestrian bridge blooming with flowers (obviously depending on the season). Be sure to check if the bridge is open before going due to weather/ COVID-19.

The Northampton Bike Path

This trail is super popular and there are multiple bike shops to rent bikes from. Bring your bike or go for a leisurely walk.

I hope these suggestions help any bored UMass student who needs a break from zoom classes, thanks for reading!


Ari 🙂


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